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Project Analyst

Posted: 05/08/2019

Primary Objective 

  • Project Analyst responsible for analyzing all incoming projects to determine project viability. Tracking project pipeline & recommend projects we develop while managing & reporting on overall development capacity. 
Regular Work Activities 
  • Analyze all incoming real estate referrals
    • Deals must be reviewed in 24-48 hours
  • Report back to department management
    • Recommend best use
    • Recommend potential offer price
    • Import and report on DISCO analysis for project
  • Track and document all deals analyzed
    • Organize in CRM
    • Organize deals by ranking from best to worst
    • Schedule & Run weekly meeting to review potential projects
    • Look for trends that indicate opportunities in the market
    • Look at deals we passed on for trends/ opportunities
  • Create quarterly plan to re-market all past opportunities
    • Market to buildings we did not purchase
    • Market to source of buildings we did not purchase
  • Prepare Letter of Intents for projects we would like to purchase
    • Create time line for projects from LOI to go/no go decision
    • Work with vendors including but not limited to Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Environmental consultants & General Contractors to determine go/no go decision
    • Schedule meeting with partners to present to deal committee for go/no go decision
  • Finalize agreement of sale
    • Review terms with attorney’s and get final agreement of sale created
    • Turn project with time line over to Project Manager
  • Be creative looking for ways to improve our ability to purchase
    • processes used to review projects
    • Other markets with promise
    • Trends in market class
Key Skills 
  • High quality modeling and analysis skills
  • Ability to prioritize work
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Decisive decision maker
  • Autonomous Worker
Behavioral Requirements 
  • Judgement/decision making
  • Detail-oriented
  • “Do the right thing”
  • Organized
Job Requirements 
  • Proficient in excel
  • 1-3 year’s work experience
  • Requires experience with judgement and ability to make decisions
  • Requires strong organizational and follow up skills
  • Requires strong attention to detail
  • Requires the physical ability to sit at a desk for an extended period of time