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IMPORTANT REMINDER: Construction Ends Today 3/27

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March 27, 2020
The BIA confirmed the following details with the Mayor's Office and L+I today.
L+I Guidance for New Construction and Nonowner-Occupied Alteration Projects 
Construction shall cease today (March 27, 2020, as of 5:00 PM):
  • The City of Philadelphia already granted a one-week extension for all builders to button up their projects and leave their sites safe and secure. L+I will not grant an additional time extension.
  • Projects receive their final occupancy permit (CO) when all code-related construction activity has been completed. Anything left to do after that should have been wrapped up within the one-week time extension.
  • If there is an extraordinary circumstance that constitutes an emergency, members may e-mail Commissioner Perri at and request a waiver. He will only consider granting a waiver for a limited period of time to abate the emergency condition.
  • Non-emergency construction for essential life care and city infrastructure projects, emergency repair and maintenance, and "make-safe" work may continue in compliance with L+I's guidance. Click here for details.
State-Issued Waivers:
  • L+I is honoring the State waivers but has requested a list of approved waivers from DCED that specifies the addresses for which the waivers were granted. L+I will only honor the waiver for those specific addresses. 
  • While receipt of that list is pending, L+I inspectors cannot take on the responsibility of interpreting what a letter means in terms of a specific job site.
  • Therefore, BIA recommends having paperwork from the State on hand at the job site so you can demonstrate the waiver has been granted. If that paperwork does not specify the physical address for the job in question, you should contact the state and get it reissued so that the waiver clearly states the address for which it has been granted. 
  • There must be a waiver for EACH address and EACH company that is working on-site.
L+I appreciates the building industry's cooperation. The BIA will provide additional guidance as it becomes available.